Lifting / Parking Service


  • Loading / Unloading the lorry
  • Handling of large individual loads
  • Container Parking / Security
  • Stuffing / De-stuffing Containers
  • Stowing / Securing
  • Reefer plugs : 50
  • Moving to hard surface area for Customs and Phytosanitary inspections
  • Transferring goods from one berth to another
  • Pallet Strapping / Stretch Wrapping / fitting covers and shrouds over pallets and individual loads
  • Dismantling / Reassembling the bogies and axles on cranes and other equipment and plant


Please Note: for large or individual/specific loads :

  • Please supply photos, and give dimensions and tonnage.
  • It is important to give 72hr notice, minimum 48hr, before the arrival of the load, in order to organise the availability of the necessary equipment, plant and personnel.


From 1 February 2015, the lifting service is expanding its activities by making available to its customers a semi-trailer to carry out the cargo-to-shipment transport of containers, various goods and TP or other machinery.

The service can be reached at 06 26 76 13 72 and / or by mail :